Donald Erb 1/17/27 – 8/12/08

Composer Christopher Auerbach-Brown just informed me by phone that composer Donald Erb died at about 2 AM this morning. He’d been declining for some time. Chris had last seen him on Saturday, and said he did not look at all well. I didn’t know Don very well personally, though I’d heard plenty of stories. He’d been either a charter member or very early joiner of the Cleveland Composers Guild, the organization of which I have the misfortune to be President, but hadn’t been an active member in years (he sent his dues in though). And of course I knew quite a bit of his music.

More info as it comes in.
UPDATE 8/13: John Mackey remembers his teacher. I TOLD you there’d be stories.
Plain Dealer obit here.
Somebody named Madabandon has a flash about Don on Sunday.

The memorial service will be at 1:00 tomorrow (14th) at Lakeview Cemetery, near the Mayfield Rd. entrance and the Garfield monument.

Jay Batzner escapes a cut-and-gut in a master class.


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