Biden my time Sunday morning

Balko pops in from vacation to point out Joe’s horrific record on drugs and civil liberties. He ends with “On principle, Obama stumbles badly, here.” , igniting the Wrath of the Beck. As if “principle” and “Obama” could ever coexist in the same sentence.

Radley’s the only one taking this seriously. Ace and rightwingprof are laff riots. Morrissey discusses the pastelization of the Democrats’ convention visuals. I don’t find them pastel so much as garish and busy, for people with short attention spans. And since discussions of “coded racism” are so much the thing against McCain, is it inappropriate to ask what such a “colored” backdrop means?

And now, off to be a real ‘merican and be productive on my so-called “day of rest”.


2 Responses to Biden my time Sunday morning

  1. kishnevi says:

    Shouldn’t that be Wrath of Beck, not Wrath of the Beck? Sounds a bit more impressive without the article to my ears.

    It did give me a moment of juvenile amusement to lower the “karma” on all the people who disagreed with him–and raise the karma on all his comments and those of all the people who agreed with him (well, actually, the one person who agreed with him, and you know who that is)–particularly those folks who were fixated on his handsome visage.

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