Newest hand out: CT newspapers

It’s bad enough that we have a courtesan press in this country. But in Bristol and New Britain Connecticut, the courtesans have fallen to the state of crack whores.

Seven legislators from the area served by The Bristol Press and The Herald in New Britain today wrote to the state Department of Economic and Community Development to ask for its help in preventing the closure of the newspapers.

The legislators are from the party that has traditionally been more supportive of freedom of the press…and the party that counts the mainstream media as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Which may be why they so totally don’t get why government-subsidized press is a Very Bad Idea Indeed; it’s not their articles that are likely to be censored. Finkelstein at NewsBusters gets it, though:

Governor: John? It’s the Governor here. Say, you guys there at the Bristol Press are doing a great job. Top notch. But there is that one reporter of yours making a big stink over our proposal to increase the state income tax. He really doesn’t get what we’re trying to do to help our state move forward. And you know, that bill to renew your paper’s subsidy is coming up next week. I’d hate to see it get bogged down in the fuss over this. Know what I mean?

Editor: Um, yes, I know, sir.


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