JBTs raid food co-op

WTF?! From the OhioWAPF list:

Manna Storehouse, a food co-op in La Grange, providing grass fed beef, lamb, pastured poultry and other Weston A. Price foods was raided yesterday by SWAT, ODA officials, and local authorities.

The family that runs the co-op tells me they were herded into the living room for 8 hours while the home and business was torn apart. They were not given reason, saying they were under investigation. All of their computers and phones, and customer information were taken, as well as $10,000 worth of beef. A “warrant” which didn’t appear to be valid, showed the reason for investigation, was “beef”.

If you are a customer, please know they only have cell phones and a few numbers that may be in those phones they can call. They have no records as they were all taken, so they can’t be in contact.

They won’t know anything until they go to court, and at this point are considering going to the media.

Interestingly, I believe they said a month or so ago, an undercover ODA official came to their little store and claimed to have a sick father wanting to join the co-op. Both the owner and her daughter-in-law had a horrible feeling about the man, and decided not to allow him into the co-op and notified him by certified mail. He came back to the co-op demanding to be part of it. They refused and gave him names of other businesses and health food stores closer to his home. Not coincidentally, this man was there yesterday as part of the raid.

UPDATE 12/4: This is starting to make its way into the blogosphere. No new info though.


6 Responses to JBTs raid food co-op

  1. Billy Beck says:

    Not one single media-word anywhere that I can find.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    Yep, I’ve got a feed on it. They’re still pretty much in shock, and haven’t gone to the press yet. They’ve been advised to do that, and to hire a lawyer from the Farm To Consumer Legal Defense fund (hard to believe there’s a special organization to defend the natural right to eat what you will and to exchange labor to provide food, but there you go.). I’m trying to figure out the “beef” beef…generally the jabbuts are after raw milk, and these people don’t seem to deal in that.

    I’m getting email updates — more news as it comes in.

  3. amyers68 says:

    What does JBT’s stand for? I am passing this story along and was asked what-who is JBT?

  4. Jeffrey Quick says:

    Jack-booted thugs.

  5. laura says:

    I couldn’t find a bit of mainstream news coverage either. We should make a coordinated effort to get ahold of the Cleveland media outlets and demand they report this. Absolutely outrageous.

    FYI, the Ohio Freedom Alliance (formerly the Ron Paul Meetup) is aware of this, which will help disperse it through the blogosphere some more.

    I’m gonna tell my friends at The Liberty Voice and the Free Press to report this as well.

  6. anne says:

    The local Ohio paper, The Morning Journal, did cover it but there is no mention of a swat team. http://morningjournal.com/articles/2008/12/03/news/mj309059.txt

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