Portage Co. ex-pig in deep pigshit

RAVENNA TOWNSHIP — Portage County deputies are in a standoff at a house on Lakewood Road.

Officials declined to release information on the incident but the Record Courier reported on its Web site that the man holed up inside is the former Ravenna police chief Michael Swartout.

The paper repoprted that Swartout fired a gun at his adult son Tuesday night then led officers on a high-speed chase before returning to his home and warning authorities to stay out of his his Lakewood Road home, where he has multiple firearms.

Swartout’s long career with the Ravenna Police Department ended badly. He resigned in 1998 after he was indicted for firing his gun twice while intoxicated, after being asked to leave a party at one of his officer’s home.

I’m not expecting it, but I hope our new sheriff treats this guy like any other citizen — evil as that wish might be.

UPDATE 12/4 8:30: The cops are still out there. My wife asked, “Where are the recorded bunny screams? The lights? The warrant for the meth lab in the basement?” More here. Evidently back in 2004 Swartout did something many of us have thought of doing: he shot his computer.

UPDATE 4:30: He surrendered at 12:45.

UPDATE 12/5:
I was an idiot above: Kaley is our old sheriff, to be replaced by Doak.
The cops might have played nice, but Judge Oswick is not amused: $300K bond and a mental exam. The prosecutor’s office considers him suicidal and homicidal.


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