Update on Manna Storehouse

New facts about the Stowers family case:

There were agents from the Department of Agriculture present, one of them identified as Bill Lesho (Obama is appointing him as head of the US Ag). Over ten thousand dollars worth of food was taken, including the family’s personal stock of food for the coming year. All of their computers, and all of their cell phones were taken, as well as phone and contact records. Presumably Manna Storehouse might eventually be charged with running a retail establishment without a license. Why then the Gestapo-type interrogation for a 3rd degree misdemeanor charge?

“….The issue appears to be the discovery of a bit of non-institutional beef in an Oberlin College food service freezer a year ago that was tracked down by a county sanitation official to Manna Storehouse. Oberlin College’s student food coop is widely known for its strident ideological stance about eating organic foods. It seems that the Oberlin student food cooperative had joined the Manna Storehouse food cooperative in order to buy organic foods in bulk from the national organic food distributor United, which services buying clubs across the nation. The sanitation official, James Boddy, evidently contacted the Ohio Department of Agriculture. After the first contact by state ODA officials, Manna Storehouse reportedly wrote them a letter requesting assistance and guidelines for complying with the law. This letter was never answered. Rather, the ODA agent tried several times to infiltrate the coop, as described above. When his attempts failed, the SWAT team showed up!

Well, that would explain (not philosophically, but legally) why they had the hardon about beef. Since the city of Oberlin is no longer cooperating with immigration authorities, perhaps they should extend that to the Ohio Department of Agriculture. I’ve laughed at the Oberlin moonbats, but nobody except the Lorain Co. Health Dept and the ODA has ever argued that they’re too stupid to feed themselves.

James J. Boddy is the Director of Environmental Health for Lorain County. If you wish to speak to him, he can be contacted here:

Lorain County
General Health District

9880 South Murray Ridge Road
Elyria, OH 44035
Phone: 440-322-6367
Phone: 440-244-2209
Phone: 236-8722
Fax: 440-322-0911

This might work too:
440 284-3224.

There’s a “Jas J Boddy” listed in Olmsted Falls. I can’t say if it’s the same guy, but it could be.

I did searches for William or Bill Lesho with “agriculture” or “Obama” and didn’t find anything.

With the latest Ohio budget shortfall reported at $640 million, you’d think they’d find better uses for their money.

Here’s a horrifying fact:

By virtue of Ohio Attorney General Opinion No. 90-106, a board of health has the legal ability, in cooperation with the county prosecutor, to hire its own assistant prosecuting attorney.


Sent: Friday, December 05, 2008 11:29 AM
Subject: appreciation & present situation

Hi everyone. First of all, we would like to thank everyone for the phenomenal support and encouragement you have given us during this very difficult time for our family. We have been unbelievably overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and concern from many, many people.

At this point, we still have not been charged with anything, so we are devoting most of our time to research. We are trying to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.

Many people have asked how they can help. Here are a few things that we are in need of.

*Anyone who has any information or experience with the ODA or the Health Department – we would love to hear about it! We are trying to learn the ORC laws regarding these agencies, their administrative procedure, etc… We will gladly talk with anyone who has information, advice or experiences to share.

*Books on criminal law in Ohio. We would love to borrow any legal books of this nature that anyone might have.

*Computers – We need to borrow 2 computers with the capability to recognize a wireless connection, preferably with Microsoft Excel. This is imperative for us in the research we are doing and would only be until we can get our property back.

Our priorities remain as they always have – God, and then our family. Please know that we will continue to observe our seventh-day Sabbath, so we will not be taking any phone calls or answering emails on that day. We are also trying very hard to get back to some type of normalcy for our children’s sake. We truly appreciate all the prayers for them – we watch how they are responding to this entire situation and we can tell that people are praying! We are blessed to see how the Lord is protecting their hearts and minds.

From a business perspective, we are trying to get ourselves back up and running. Our plan is to be taking orders within 2 weeks – we will put out an email once we decide on the date. Our delay at this point is purely administrative – we have lost all our records, so it is taking some time to get everything back in order.

On that same note, I do not have a complete email list of our customers, so please pass this on to anyone who you know that orders from us.

We have had many people contacting us from the media. At this point, for our own protection, we are not saying anything except to confirm what we already know. Once we have all of the facts, we will issue a statement to the press about our position.

Again, we cannot say thank you enough – we are dumbfounded at how the Lord has used people during this time in our lives.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Please be patient if it takes a while for us to respond to an email or phone call – we are inundated with both and are trying to work through everything without taking time away from our families.

Jackie & Katie Stowers


12 Responses to Update on Manna Storehouse

  1. […] this little escapade originated with the county, with the ODA just along for the ride. You’ve got the numbers to ask questions; have fun, because they aren’t […]

  2. Skeptic says:

    I find it really interesting that I can find aboslutely NO mention of this on any legitimate news source site. And with all of them out there, the chances of a story around an armed SWAT team holding a family at gunpoint for 8 hours just slipping through the cracks seems HIGHLY unlikely.

  3. jeffreyquick says:

    Skeptic, is this legitimate?

    Actually,it’s highly likely, IF the family didn’t contact the press (which it hasn’t yet). You seem to think that newspapers actually have things called reporters, as opposed to printing the AP feed and calling it good. This is just another law enforcement action…nothing to see here…move along, citizen.

    FWIW, sheriff’s dept. is denying the SWAT team thing. Maybe it wasnt a SWAT team, maybe it was a bunch of officers dressed and equipped like a SWAT team.

  4. Hugh McBryde says:

    It sounds like a smaller scale version of the FLDS/YFZ raid. After 8 months they only found one “pregnant underage teen” who was 16 at the time of the raid, and about 5 months along. One pregnant 16 year old girl, among 439 children. She will be 18 next August.

    The raid was set off by a hoax call from Colorado, by a 33 year old woman who had never been at the ranch.

  5. jeffreyquick says:

    I haven’t checked in on YFZ news in awhile. Earlier coverage can be found here.. I see that situation and this one as being fundamentally different, though united by a government dictating lifestyle choices. I see no evidence of direct religious involvement in the Stowers case…if this were YFZ we’d hear about the stone altar they slaughtered cattle on so the kids could roll in the blood, or something else equally ridiculous.

  6. Augie says:

    The latest summary and stories on this Raid are posted at The Journal of Whole Food and Nutrition at http://wholefoodusa.wordpress.com/category/family-farm-enforcement-report/

    Also, there is a story on the woman who was jailed this month for selling raw cheese and goats milk at a farmers market in California.

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