Angela Keaton fiasco wrapping up

After the Tantric circle jerk at last weekend’s LNC meeting, Eric Garris, Angelas employer at, decided to jerk his employer chain and tell her to quit LNC or else.

I agree with Eric’s letter but find it regrettable, as Angela’s continued presence was a great “doofus detector”, i.e., anyone involved in the motions against her was instantly marked as a doofus. I guess I’m almost past caring if the LP self-destructs, which is why I haven’t sent them that check for “zero dollars and zero cents” for my dues.


4 Responses to Angela Keaton fiasco wrapping up

  1. kishnevi says:

    Not sure if Tantric is the correct adjective to use there, since “Tantric” implies that the energy raised is collected and utilized to achieve some defined end. Which is obviously not the case with the LP.

  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    LOL! There is that. Maybe “priapist circle jerk” would be more fitting…nothing they were doing seemed to make it go down. Which I gather was itself one of their issues with Angela.

  3. Mike Schneider says:

    I knew their “political model” of attempting to tame Leviathan from inside its digestive tract was a loser in 1980. What’s taking you guys so long?

  4. jeffreyquick says:

    What’s taken me so long? Horror at the alternatives.
    I got my LP news yesterday too. It used to actually discuss libertarian issues. Now it’s just, literally, news — mostly of all the Libertarians who won election in unopposed races.

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