State to 8-year-old blues guitarist: no, you can’t gig.

From LRC, this YouTube of the news. First the kid’s agent got a threatening letter, then somebody dropped a dime to Robert Anderson of the Wisconsin Labor Standards Bureau.

Somebody else reported him to the State Department of Workforce Development, and a different letter arrived saying that he’s violating child labor laws covering “public exhibitions.”

The statute said no one under 16 can perform in a “roadhouse, cabaret, dance hall, nightclub, tavern, or other similar place.”

Carl Latz doesn’t want to just let Tallan play in clubs because that would be teaching him that “We don’t agree with the law so we’ll just ignore it.”

Carl, that’s exactly what you MUST teach this kid…though anyone that bright has probably figured it out already, even if he can’t quite articulate it.

Beck hasn’t blogged this yet. If he sees this story, it will break his heart. Me, I don’t so much sorrow over the prick Anderson, who like a rattlesnake acts after his kind, nor over the kid, who with that kind of talent and dedication will overcome. I’m appalled that 2nd-rate musicians would use the state to squash their competition. Dollars to donuts they’re AFM members.


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