Milorad and money

The office also gives him a certain amount of clout, which can help him raise money for his defense.

Translation: “If he stays in office, he can use his power to raise money for his defense — which is what he’s in trouble for anyway.”

And he may need the salary — federal prosecutors say their wiretaps also caught Blagojevich complaining about his financial problems.

Let’s see… people are being laid off all over, and we’re supposed to feel sorry for some guy who makes about 5x what I do? A guy who can afford not to live in a free mansion even when it would shorten his commute?

UPDATE: While we’re on Milorad (Blagojevich’s given first name; sounds a bit like “Milhous”, doesn’t it?), Ace has a picture of Obama f2f with the one he’s “had no contact with”, from a mere 9 days ago. I guess in this context, “had no contact with” means they didn’t shake hands. And Boortz cites Dupree about Obama’s “Open for questions” site, and how even respectful questions about Milorad get flagged as “Inappropriate” by Obots


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