White collar teen hoodlum?

I was walking out of Macy’s at Great Northern last night and behind me, 2 cops were escorting a young man (maybe 18) in handcuffs. The kid was Caucasian and well-dressed (i.e., he was wearing a shirt with buttons, and had no visible tattoos or piercings), and he and the cops were having a civil conversation.  He was exploring ways he could get out of the situation he was in, and the cop was telling him that once somebody swore out a complaint, there was not a lot they could do. What was striking was the attitude… or lack of attitude. The kid was concerned, but didn’t seem frightened at all. The cops were professional and not abusive; if anything, they seemed a bit embarrassed at having to arrest this kid. I didn’t slow up or stick around to see more. But I’ve really got to wonder what the rest of the story was: who his parents were. did they bail him out, how did they react?


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