Ex-church member to get her fornication advertised

Boy, this seems to be “Religion Day at QatD”

There are so many things screwy about this story, one scarcely knows where to begin. So we’ll begin with the church. There’s a reason that the Catholic Church (the original, the biggest, accept no substitutes) is so big on the sanctity of the confessional. Working with souls and their attachment to sin is a delicate business. When you leave it to lay mentors, they’re apt to overreact and call out the big guns, like the congregation’s gossips and spies. I’m sorry, but somebody who would stake out a house all night has spiritual problems of her own that need fixed before she calls out a sister on her sin. I have to wonder if this guy ever thought to work on or with her desire. Mr. Young could have solved the problem at any point, by marrying her. That he did not do so speaks volumes; either he is using her and has no desire to commit, in which case she can do better, or else he is not free to commit, because he’s still married to somebody else, and she can still do better. In either case, his love and fidelity is suspect. “This is not what you want” is more powerful than “You’re a sinner.” He is “not a member of the church”; indeed, I’d wager that Young is not a Christian at all, which brings us into “unequally yoked with unbelievers” territory. Lastly, since she’s left Grace Community Church for one less anxious to help her with her spiritual problems, making a public spectacle of her is uncalled for. Drop an email to the pastor of her new church, maybe, so he’s aware of the problem…which he probably is now anyway.

Now, there’s Hancock. Since she brought it up to her mentor, she apparently had some inkling that this was wrong. I doubt however, in the light of what followed, that she felt a lot of guilt; I wouldn’t be surprised if the context was “How do I get my boyfriend to marry me?” Since she was dealing with a layperson, she should have known that he didn’t have the same legal obligation to shut his mouth. We’re dealing as much with heresy as lust here; I suspect that Hancock believes that, “this can’t be wrong, because it feels so right.” She doesn’t want to sacrifice for her faith. I understand, believe me, I do; I was at war for years with Mr. Tetragrammaton over this stuff, and I’m the last person qualified to judge her desire. But the essence of sacrifice is to give up something good to get something better; as long as she was with Young, she wasn’t going to get married. Maybe she was spooked by her divorce…but that goes back to the heresy issue.

So, she gets creeped out by GCC getting into her business, and what does she do? She goes to the press! Now the entire world knows that she’s “the church harlot”, which is a big price to pay for making her former church look bad. Her kids and friends (who were going to be told in church), her new church, total strangers like me… we all know, so what’s Grace going to do? Sure, maybe they have lurid details (and whose fault is that?) But she’s already showed her ass, so what can they do, really? Worse, she’s exposed herself as a idiot (look at that pic…and is that a lip stud?)

Her church will do what it will do, so will she, life will go on. Pray for her, and him, and Grace Community Church. God has ways of pulling out deus-ex-machina happy endings (has something to do with His being a “deus”) and given that this story is more face than tragedy, that would be fitting.


2 Responses to Ex-church member to get her fornication advertised

  1. Earl says:

    Not being an expert, I would have thought a Christian church would have talked to the women and her boy friend, would have prayed for her salvation and soul and grace – and then given it to the next generation for writing up in the New Newer Testament. I was sure coercion was a government or mafia thug policy.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    While I think they could have handled this better, it’s not coercion. At worst, it’s blackmail — “Dump him or we’ll tell” — and for that, see Walter Block, Defending the Undefendable. That she even thinks it’s an issue is a testamony to her beliefs; it’s really a “sanction of the victim” thing. Your typical American heathen would say, “So? I’m fucking my boyfriend. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?”

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