A clear message of change

That’s why the GSA permitted the “change.gov” domain name:

“I am writing to request a waiver from the Internet.gov domain naming conventions as outlined in 41 CFR102-173.90 and register and assign the http://www.change.gov domain to this office,” he wrote. “I understand that this CFR citation addresses special restrictions on the use and registration of canonical, or category, names in the Internet .gov domain space and that your office previously denied a request from the GSA Presidential Transitional Team to register this domain.”

He continued, “As the executive director of the Obama-Biden Presidential Transition Project, I believe that a clear message of ‘CHANGE’ is required to effect a successful presidential transition and that establishing the http://www.change.gov domain is a critical component of this message.”

If that’s  “a clear message of change”, then it’s a message that government doesn’t have to follow its own rules. I don’t understand how the hell that constitutes “change”, but it’s certainly a clear message about how Obama will rule.


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