Cruise: Let’s count queers

I guess I’m one of those old-time liberals who believes that government has no business in the bedroom. I also tend to hide my pallor on census forms, defining my race as “human”. So what makes Tom Cruise think that gay people will tell the truth to the census man? And why is it the government’s business anyway? Didn’t Hitler count the Jews first?


5 Responses to Cruise: Let’s count queers

  1. Les says:

    I am calling bullshit on this one. the quote is from larry kramer and the show was about the new cruise movie.

    larry kramer:


    show recording:

    = bullshit press release:

  2. changer1701 says:

    This is some sort of practical joke…Cruise never said this. The clips of his appearance are on youtube…the quote attributed to Cruise is actually from Larry Kramer.

  3. jeffreyquick says:

    Hmmm, haven’t seen the video yet (I’m on the Dialup From Hell, out here in the sticks), but it does appear to be a misattribution. Xenu knows why anyone would want to attribute a wacky idea to Cruise. As for Kramer, it’s still a wacky idea. There’s no way such a census could ever generate a credible number (“Would you like your pink triangle in suede or in silk, ma’am?”) and we’d be exactly where we are now, except that the government would have gay addresses, the Right would find government low numbers more credible than sociologist low numbers, and movement gays would still be claiming a higher number.

  4. Jim Quick says:

    Hmmn. If we really wanted to know how many there are we could legalize Gay Marraige and mutiply the licenses by two. Not many would refuse the prospect of
    complete and utter acceptance by the rest of us. In my day it was perhaps 1/4 of one%. Now it is much more acceptable and fashionable. Who really cares as long as they live their lives and let the rest of us live ours.


  5. jeffreyquick says:

    In spite of the vaunted promiscuity of the gay community, there are probably still guys who can’t get laid. So the count might not work so well.

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