Stalin: 3rd most popular historical Russian

…assuming that Rossiya state television didn’t use Stalinesque methods of vote-counting. They did, however, control ballot access, which is the new and American way of rigging elections.

The Libertarian Party should take this to heart in considering whether the vote is a functional path to liberty. It’s an appalling choice, but not so bad as could be. #1 was Alexander Nevsky — arguably not so important historically, but he had a major motion picture made about him. And #2 was a real dark horse: Pyotr Stolypin, early 20th c. reformist and anti-leftist Prime Minister. Note that all three were rulers; we’re told that Russia reveres its artists, but where did Pushkin, Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky fall on the list?

The pro-Stalin vote can be seen as reflective of public-school history teaching. The American equivalent would be a vote for Abe Lincoln — not that “Abe Lenin” is comesaurate with Stalin (though the War Between the States was as close as American has come to a Russian WWII experience), but he’s remembered as a soundbite: “Freed the slaves / saved the Union”, and the wrong that he did in the process is dismissed (not to mention debate about whether the Union should have been “saved.”) If Lincoln had ever sunk as low as Stalin, he would still rank as high in a US poll. Racist comments about Russian eagerness for the whip don’t matter; sheeples is sheeples, and we would score no better.


One Response to Stalin: 3rd most popular historical Russian

  1. kishnevi says:

    The list I saw while voting was still in progress (about two days ago) had Pushkin within a couple of hundred votes of Stalin. Don’t remember who filled out the top five but I’m pretty sure it was neither Tolstoy nor Tchaikovsky. May have been Gogol, though.

    The surprising omission is Peter the Great. Perhaps the Russians still haven’t gotten over being dragged into Europe.

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