No gladiatorial combat, but it looks like he stole it fair and square. The whip (from comments here):

Voters need to look in the mirror and say, “we’re not good enough anymore, we’re not smart enough anymore, and, gosh darn it, we just elected Al Franken to a major political office.”


4 Responses to Frankensenator

  1. kishnevi says:

    Well, think of it this way: The Senate’s old clown has left to become VP, and now they have a replacement clown.
    Similarly, Caroline Kennedy can step into Hillary’s shoes as the self-important self-entitled politically connected female.
    The real question is, who will take Stevens’ place as chief crook.

  2. newshutz says:

    very funny! Unfortunately, I expect Senator Franken will be much like comic Frankin and be more annoying than funny.

  3. jeffreyquick says:

    K- Burris maybe? I don’t think we’ve seen tendencies from him, but under the circumstances one has to assume that valuable considerations were tendered. Anyway, as corruption goes, Stevens was small taters. He got popped for the same kind of penny-ante bullshit that Jim Traficant did.

    As for Frankensenator’s humor value, no, I doubt we’ll be laughing at all about policy. And who knows, the little shlemiel might find some gravitas in “the world’s greatest deliberative body”. But now that he’s in office, his comedic output will be the gift that keeps on giving, sort of like Ronald Reagan’s movies. For instance, the first time he makes an inaccurate statement

  4. Jim Quick says:

    Truly bothersome, several precincts found more ballots then their were voters. Why we cannot run a fair and honest election in this Country is beyond comprehension. Had the Supreme Court allowed it, 2000 Florida would have worked out the same way.
    Hm perhaps Gore would have become a poor broken man and Bush, a oil millionaire. We never ever realy know who the winners and losers are.

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