Yes, I’ve been quiet

There’s been a lot happening at work; classes begin Monday, so I am scheduling students, putting up reserves, weeding, catching up on shelving. Monday and Tuesday I was busy with rehearsal and Epiphany mass. The motets (Lasso and Clements non Papa) and chant went great; the Ordinary (Cardoso)  notsomuch. The Net at home was crawling over the holidays. SuddenLink, our cable company, which is the only local company that anyone even alleges to do high-speed Internet, in fact doesn’t; they say there’s not enough bandwidth, which kind of begs the question: why isn’t there?

But mostly I’m bloated and depressed. Yesterday’s post-matter was too horrid for words. Put that with the proposed $175 cow tax and likely gun control hijinks, and we’ll be lucky to have an economy left, even before the Obammers slam nails in its coffin. I really think that the situation is beyond anyone’s help, so why do help that will lead to more hurt?


3 Responses to Yes, I’ve been quiet

  1. kishnevi says:

    While I am still on old fashioned dial up, although one day I may go crazy and get AT&T DSL. From what I understand of how Comcast operates, its broadband shares the same network as all its phone and cable TV business, so broadband speed actually depends on how many people are watching cable. Evidently the night HBO has a big show you can forget the Internet. But real hi-speed seems to remain a fata morgana even here where there are no cows and chickens closer than three miles.
    I noticed that traffic was pretty high all through New Years–apparently people stayed home and twittered instead of going to parties.
    I’ve seen some of the stuff claiming Obama will make gun control a priority. I won’t discount it, but I think he’ll go for health care first to re-establish his leftist cred–more people want it, more people think they need it, he’ll have business on his side if he works it right, he can claim it’s for the economy, and the opposition is much less organized.

  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    Yeah, but if he does gun control fast, he might get away with it. If he waits until the economy really goes South, people will need them too much. My prediction is that CommieMed ain’t gonna happen, because at this rate the gov’t will go broke first.

    The worst part of dialup here: the new Mac doesn’t have a modem, I use an Apple outboard (little tiny thing) but I can’t find anywhere that shows me my connection speed. And I used to have that with my little 3Kb modem and Mac II. 26.4 is about average, 28.8 as good as it gets; If I connect at lower than 26.4, I just try again.

  3. SFYI Editor says:

    I’m at Suddenlink’s Corp HQ. More on me here:

    Not sure if I can help, but I’d be happy to look into this if you like. You can reach me here:

    To help, I’ll need to know name on account, address or account number, etc. — which (I assume) is not information you want to post publicly.

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