Knife-sharpening and confusion

This afternoon I had all 4 sisters in my kitchen, going over their victim impact statements, reading and crying and joking. Also, apparently the sentencing has been continued until the 21st…no reason given. I thought it had something to do with That Man perjuring himself before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (nothing personal; most presidents of this century have perjured themselves about upholding the Constitution), maybe the courts being closed for fear of terrorism (or just because that lot of ‘Crats wanted to see their god ascend the Cherry Blossom Throne) but they are having sentencing on the 20th. And Nelly is schedued then, so the message that it’s been moved to the 21st might be misinformation. Some clarity would be nice, as Rusty would like me to be there.

Jessie’s last conversation with her mom: Ada had asked for water, and Jessie had to tell her she wasn’t allowed any. And Ada said, “You’re full of shit.”


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