Can’t even be snark of the year

…because it was posted last year, and I just got to it. But:

Double-think is doubleplusgood

By Thoreau

Greenwald reports on the most fascinating of prosecutions: The Bush administration is seeking a prison sentence of 147 years for the son of former Liberian President Charles Taylor, for his involvement with torture.

This is the sort of case that sets precedents, precedents that might just be USEFUL…. Perhaps the sentence should be hanging?

EDIT: To be completely, 100% clear, if there is to be a punishment of any sort, capital or otherwise, I want it handed down by a court of law after a fair and open trial. I am not calling for any sort of lawless violence by anybody. If this is being read by the FBI, the Secret Service, or the Ft. Meade branch of the Ministerium fur Staatssicherheit, I want that to be perfectly clear. I have no desire to see any of these guys fall victim to a crime. If I wanted lawless violence, I would have voted for Bush in 2004 and applied for a job as a Gitmo interrogator. I want law and order. Nothing less.


4 Responses to Can’t even be snark of the year

  1. rwp says:

    That might be entertaining, had the Bush Administration employed anything that any person with the intelligence of an eggplant would call “torture.”

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    If what we’re doing isn’t torture, then we should stop it, as it’s obviously ineffective. It’s a semantic game: yes, it’s torture, but unlike other countries’ tortures, it leaves no lasting damage. And like Ace says, you want torture, try the top of the WTC on 9/11.

  3. rwp says:

    If it were ineffective, we wouldn’t be doing it. And no, it is not torture. The author of this cited article is another moral equivalence idiot with no sense of proportion — a common affliction among liberaltarians and leftists.

  4. jeffreyquick says:

    From the Anchoress, today:

    Obama: No torture…except maybe when its’ necessary. Never forget that in 2002 Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats were briefed on torture and some of them wondered if waterboarding would be “enough”. It was later apparently decided that the best thing to do with waterboards was beat President Bush over the head with them as “a moral issue” until they got into power, at which point, they could, potentially, be used to glean information from terrorists, again. Because, as my friend Dick Meyer writes, “the moral issues related to torture are not a slam-dunk.” And, as we’ve seen often and often, if Democrats do what Republicans do, it’s usually acceptable.

    It’s torture. It’s the least, most humane torture that works. And “working” in this case aaves a lot of pain overall.

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