Marry the girl already

Gary Johnson and Rebecca Witt have a problem: they like to make babies (3 of them) and don’t have the wherewithal to pay for them. And Michigan passed a law saying that if men don’t wrap their rascal, they’ll have to pay the hospital bill…unless they marry the mom.

Well, Becky’s in a snit because she says “I don’t think anybody should tell me when to get married.” A lot of people would tell her she should have gotten married before she spread her legs, so she’s outvoted on that one. The state isn’t even telling her that; it’s saying, “If you want free hospital care, you have to marry the guy.” She’s holding out for a big wedding with a white (smirk) dress, and they can’t afford it.

Johnson is not just living with her; he’s proposed to her. So what’s she waiting for, a better offer? He says he can’t marry her because he doesn’t have a copy of his birth certificate. I’m sympathetic to the “Paperss please” argument, but I think the State of Michigan should call their bluff and get him a free birth certificate, so they can do this. Come on, Michigan has no fault divorce; if it doesn’t work, you can split (which is why this law is rather silly). since it’s civil, you can have the religious ceremony (smirk) / drunken orgy later.

The big issue is summed up here:

“The (government is) supposed to help us,”

We’re supposed to deliver, feed, and educate her brats, without any act of responsibility on her part. Sorry. I know poverty sucks ; been there, done that. Get a skill. Save some money. Quit being a leech. And above all, quit whining.


3 Responses to Marry the girl already

  1. Tom Jackson says:

    So she shouldn’t have to pay her bills, like the rest of it, because “The (government is) supposed to help us.” Spoken like a true Democrat.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hey, easy with the Democrat crap. Our fearless leader for the last 8 glorious years was a Republican and look at the state our country is in. There are good politicians in both parties. With that being said this couple should be paying for their own hospital bill like I have to, I can’t agree more with your post. I have to pay our my own way through life and that is how it should be. I don’t want or expect the government to give me anything. The government needs to abolish welfare period. It was designed to help people through hard times not be a way of life for generations. I think the elderly and the disabled should get assistance that is available but in most cases they can’t because they make $1.54 a month too much (as was the case with my parents before they passed away last year). Quit having kids out of wedlock that us working taxpaying citizens have to pay for. Everyone needs a little help once in a while but I for one am getting sick of paying for packs of children these women are having, shacking up with their babies daddy’s (or their current boyfriend not necessarily any of their kids fathers)and getting welfare, section 8 etc. while the man works under the table and they together make more money than my husband and I legitamely. You can’t tell me that the government is so stupid they don’t know it? Oh well nothing will ever change unless we as the voting public elect politicians who will change things weather they be Republican or Democrat.

  3. jeffreyquick says:

    I can’t speak for Tom, but I’m an equal-opportunity politician hater. I’ve even been known to give hell to faux-Libertarian office holders.

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