Nice timing

The circulation system was down for updates, so I was late doing the Kelvin Smith run. And I got off the elevator to the basement (where the mail room and the International News Commons is) just in time to see the Oath of Office on widescreen.

There are some people (like that 105 year old woman in Judson Manor) who have waited their whole lives to see this. A bunch of others have waited 8 years. Today is not the day to piss in their Cheerios ; I have 4 years for that, and before it’s up I’m sure Obama will piss in their Cheerios himself. There’ll be none of that “Not MY president” here that we saw from some 8 years ago; Obama IS my President, as much as anyone has been my President (It’s not “my” government, after all), and deserves all the respect that the last president got.

“So help me God”. You’re gonna need it.


2 Responses to Nice timing

  1. kishnevi says:

    I was coming home from the doctor, and didn’t think to turn on NPR until the middle of the speech. Should have kept the music on.

    I take it Mme. Perp did not get sentenced today?

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    Manana, 8:30. I canceled a doctor’s appt. so I can be there (happens to be my morning off). It will be blogged.

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