What’s sauce for the Willy is sauce for the Bush?

Chris Matthews: “Why would a show trial or witchhunt be bad?”

If you have to ask, even rhetorically,  why don’t you go first? Treason or rampant stupidity or something; if it’s a show trial, we don’t need to be fussy about the legal niceties.

Says commenter bpjam:

So Chrissy suddenly thinks that the Clinton Impeachment (which was nothing more than a show trial since the outcome was pre-ordained) Trial was good for America?

I thought he had convinced America that ‘censure’ was the appropriate way to deal with perjury, abuse of power and lying to the public? My, how times change….

Tip to Ace.

Speaking of Chrissy, Beck calls his number here:

The last and biggest domino is falling, right in front of your eyes: right now, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann are comparing the Bush family to the Romanovs.

And that would make the Obama herd, what… exactly?


Olbermann was gracious enough to leave that the Bush clan won’t end up quite exactly like the Romanovs.

I wonder if I should take him at his word.


One Response to What’s sauce for the Willy is sauce for the Bush?

  1. kishnevi says:

    Serbia might be the better analogy: there were two royal families fighting over the spoils there. I guess that would make Obama parallel to Tito.

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