Good librarian karma

It’s so nice when you can make somebody’s day.

This kid came in, all pissed off. “There’s something I want to listen to at CIM, and they won’t let me do it because I’m not a music major.”

“That’s right. They only serve Case music majors there.”

“Well, how do I change that?’

“Well, what do you want to listen to? Maybe we have it here.”

“It’s by somebody named Dvorak? Op. 90. We heard it in the listening session, and it’s really cool.” [Oh thank God, it’s not something rare.]

I look up a copy we have onsite, but then I ask, “Do you live in a dorm, or at home?”

“At home, but I have VPN” [Even better, I don’t have to do the VPN talk.]

So I showed him Naxos Music Library. and there’s at least a half dozen recordings of the Dumky trio. I showed him how it works, then I showed him Classical Music Library, DRAM and Smithsonian Global Sound, and how to get to each. He’s on his way to the candy store now. I also told him that CIM kids can’t use OhioLink, which was just the frosting to his cake of happiness.


4 Responses to Good librarian karma

  1. Earl says:

    Great work, what a library is for – expanding the bounds to limitless.

  2. MDC says:

    I remember Wild Bill Martin being astonished because CIM wouldn’t let me do something in their library because I wasn’t a student. He kept insisting that they had to because they were a consortium member and CIM students could use the CSU library, but alas, I was merely state college trash.

  3. Jeffrey Quick says:

    Not sure what consortium Dr. Martin was referring to, but they aren’t an OhioLink member. It wouldn’t be the first time that a faculty member was confused about library policies; heck, sometimes we’re confused. If my library had a resource unique to the state, or even to the area, I would consider it rude for me to not offer you visiting scholar privilege on that item. But then, it’s not my library.

  4. MDC says:

    $30K and you can’t use OhioLink. One more reason I’m glad I teach at Tri-C. (still only $82/credit hour!)

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