Lenin the Great Proletarian / A Lenin Portrait / Vladimir Lenin Walks at Midnight

I see that Naxos is releasing a two disc set of music written in honor of Abraham Lincoln , on Feb. 24 (it’s on Naxos Music Library already.). This is generally a good thing; much of this music needed new recordings, or any recording at all. And any time Roy Harris (the biggest Lincoln cultist of them all) gets recorded, I am a happy camper (I’m listening to his as I write this). But there’s also a need for recordings of music dedicated to Stalin, or Hitler, and I don’t see Naxos or Leonard Slatkin being in quite so much of a hurry to do that. What with the election of the Chosen One, the cult of the Great Emancipator Corporate Lawyer is in the ascendant. I suppose it’s even worse that so many State-butt-sniffing composers chose to write Lincoln pieces; it’s not like Abe Himself commissioned them and threatened to throw you into jail if you didn’t glorify him.

I wonder how often Copland’s Lincoln Portrait shares a program with Prokofiev’s Zdravitsa or one of Shostakovich’s patriotic cantatas. It would be interesting programing.


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