Catholic Congresscritters meddle in Bp. Williamson mess.

My Congresscritter Tim Ryan, and some others, seek to advise the Pope as to what he should do about the Holocaust-denying SSPX bishop (who has apologized). Fr. Zuhlsdorf nails it:

I wonder what their voting records are concerning abortion.

Uh, ya know, you’re in charge of making law for a country whose economy is falling apart. And while this is a lot less harmful than, say, voting for Obama’s stimulus plan, it’s still not part of your job, and you have no more standing in the matter than any other Catholic. So it’s out of loving concern for your souls that I tell you to STFU.

UPDATE: Europe is absolutely ballistic about this:

“If the pope wants to do some good for the Church, he should leave his job,” eminent liberal Catholic theologian Hermann Haering told the German daily Tageszeitung.

Haering seems to have confused the Church with a democracy. Elected officials resign their positions because they no longer have the support of their employer. The Pope is theoretically chosen by God Himself (through the Holy Spirit). Who, if He wanted a new Pope, could force Papa Ratzi’s resignation overnight, if you get my drift.

It’s simply amazing to me how many people cannot separate the issue of SSPX rehabilitation from the stupid ideas of ONE of the four bishops.


6 Responses to Catholic Congresscritters meddle in Bp. Williamson mess.

  1. kishnevi says:

    Given all the inane press releases, resolutions, and statements that come out of Congress on every and any thing that might get them a vote, would you expect anything else?

    BTW, Williamson apologized for embarrassing the Pope. He hasn’t apologized (that I know of) or otherwise backed away from from the substance of what he said, which is a totally different kettle of fish. And while Benedict has denounced Holocaust revisionism he seems to either act with a tin ear where Jewish relations are concerned–or else he’s not really concerned with what we Jews think; this isn’t the first piece of dogdoo the Vatican has stepped into when it comes to Jews since he became pope–rather in contrast to John Paul II.
    Speaking of whom–it took a long time for people to realize how conservative JP was; whereas Benedict started out his papacy with two main entries on his bio–member of the HitlerJugend in early life, and more recently Grand Inquisitor. And since the last thing secular Europe wants is a conservative Catholic church (for a number of reasons) the Europeans are ready to attack him for any and everything.
    It is fair to tar the SSPX with this brush–at least, it’s reasonable to think that they knew Williamson had these opinions. And he’s not the only SSPX member to have expressed similar things–remember the Italian priest I blogged about the other day. And the patronal saint, after all, is the pope who insisted the church return not only to medieval music but to medieval philosophy. Moreover, I would suspect more than a few people are confusing P-Ten with P-Twelve, who may not deserve the label of antiSemite, but he’s certainly got the reputation, and also that many people are assuming that this is the bunch to which Mel Gibson belongs.

  2. kishnevi says:

    Found this afterwards. The bishop bloggeth:
    (And if you scroll through the September 2008, you’ll find he’s a Truther.)

    However, with a public blog, even though it seems he never touched on the Holocaust in the blog, it should have been obvious to the SSPX that he had some, shall we say, interesting opinions.

  3. Jeffrey Quick says:

    You’re right that secular Europe hates Papa Ratzi for all the right reasons, I suspect that if SSPX publicly crawled on their knees and asked to come back, and the Pope refused, they’d be criticizing him for his narrow-mindedness. And yes, it is fair to hit SSPX on this; shushing Williamson was a day late and dollar short, and suggests that they didn’t really care until they had to. I’ve heard that they still use the unbowdlerized Victimae Paschale Laudes, which strikes me as kneejerk traditionalism more than anti-Semitism. There was a big Usenet war over that about a dozen years ago, after Richard Taruskin criticized Alex Blachly for recording the text as Busnois set it. I took Blachly’s side then and still do for reasons of history, but I would never do that in a liturgical performance, and in a concert performance I’d feel obligated to explain my choice. They “lying Jews” were lying because they were sinners, not because they were Jewish, and they couldn’t have done it without the Romans. If the Church had spent the energy criticizing state power (the real culprit here) that they spent on the Jews, we’d be looking at a very different playing field today.

  4. rwp says:

    “he’s not really concerned with what we Jews think”

    Arrogant, aren’t you? Why, exactly, should the Pope care what you think?

  5. kishnevi says:

    RWP: No arrogance. Just a contrast between Benedict and three of his four immediate predecessors (John Paul I just didn’t have enough time to do much of anything, of course), who did give the appearance of being concerned with what others (Jews and nonCatholics) thought–and probably the appearance matched the reality.
    You are right: the Pope is not required to care about what anyone else thinks, except presumably the Holy Spirit. But the difference in attitudes says something about the difference between Benedict and the popes who occupied the papal throne in the interval bwtween Pius and himself.

  6. rwp says:

    “But the difference in attitudes says something about the difference between Benedict and the popes who occupied the papal throne in the interval bwtween Pius and himself.”

    Yes. Benedict takes it more seriously.

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