Candlemas at St. James

A lot of folks have been doing blog coverage of Feast of the Purification at their local EF Parish. God love ’em for that but… some of what I’ve heard really isn’t ready for prime time. There was the “guest schola” doing an easy motet (I won’t say which one because I don’t want to mention names or make it any easier to search for) with hideous intonation, no blend, no rhythm, just an excruciating performance. Then we have stuff like “Alleluia ch- ch-“ which is excruciating in a slicker and more professional way. And some people hear that and say, “Well, at least it sounds nice…that old music is too hard!” And then they go do excruciating performances of “Alleluia ch-ch-“, which is fail with fail sauce and a garnish of sun-dried fail. There’s no shame in doing chant, if that’s what you have the talent available for.

But some folks may be interested in my new gig, and how that’s going. I meant to record the Evensong for Charles I, but I forgot to charge the Minidisc, and it was totally dead. But I had it ready for Monday. Blend isn’t all it could be here either, and the first high note in Adorna is wildly sharp. But all in all, it’s pretty decent for an 8-person choir.
Gabriel Faure: Messe basse. Kyrie
C. V. Stanford: Nunc dimittis in Bb


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