Pocket knives to be banned in Hawaii?

On Jan. 11, 2009, Hawaii Senator Les Ihara, Jr. introduced Bill 126 that would essentially ban folding knives throughout the state. …
Currently, Hawaiian law applies only to possession of switchblades, enforceable at the felony level. Bill 126 would expand the scope of knife regulation to include folders. However, the penalty would be a misdemeanor, not a felony.

Since a pocket knife is an essential piece of male equipment, I wonder if he’s going to demonstrate gender equality by also seeking to ban purses, which could be used to whap somebody over the head. I don’t think this is going anywhere, but the fact that he hasn’t yet been laughed out of office is worrisome. This was the country (and it was a country then, before we stole it) where you could be put to death for looking at a chief, and it’s pretty obvious that some individuals there haven’t left the 18th Century. It’s also the state where the Glorious Leader spent much of his youth, and it’s probable that some of the local insanity rubbed off on him. What is it about nice climates that turns people into candy-asses?

I’ll probably have somebody whine that I’m a racist toward native Hawaiians. I’ve never met one. I’m just saying that kapu was a stupid idea (which was abolished by native Hawaiians) and that banning pocket knives is an iteration of the same stupid idea: that some materials are unclean/dangerous in se. If you don’t like it, don’t elect morons to your State Senate.

Hat tip to SurvivalBlog.


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