The baby stew is done

Uncle Jimbo at Ace, rising to almost Beckian contempt:

There was a pork orgy of Caligulesque proportions going on as every scumbag, Brooks Brothers suit-wearing lobbyist, every interest group that could cobble together four letters to make an acronym, every left wing butthead asshole cause in the world was shoveling America’s future out the door of that place at warp fucking speed.

There were lines dozens deep trying to get their fat noses inside to sup at the trough of what used to be America’s future. They had placards and matching t-shirts, they were all smiling and slapping each other on the back as they stole our fucking prosperity. I went from the bliss that the possibility of riches for me and mine gives to the despair of knowing the weasels were stealing more than I could make right before my goddamn eyes.

Wall Street’s talking the same language, fournhalf down, more or less.

Mr. Hopeychange last night, saying, “Every economist I’ve talked to has said…” And that might be the truth, that there isn’t an Austrian in the whole plague swamp on the Potomac. But I see a lot of applied economists talking, and the message isn’t pretty.

God help us all.


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