The Fraternity of St. Johannes Galtus

A Christian conservative goes on strike over the Spendulus.

I’ve been more and more resolved of late to create real wealth myself, with my own hands, in a way that does not require money as intermediary. If money ceases to have value (and that’s where we’re headed), food will still have value. Yes, economically this makes no sense at all in terms of comparative value; I can always make more doing library or music things. And I will do them. But I intend to put as much as possible into real wealth, to spend on things that create wealth, to barter with my neighbors, to buy locally whenever possible. If congress believes that my money is their own, the answer is to quit holding money. Why should I make paper interest that is no interest at all because of inflation, and then pay tax on it?


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  1. […] all His anyway, and I am just a steward.)  Teh One, and the gubmint, not so much! Jeffrey Quick is thinking “barter” too. Related Posts:On Going GaltA new, strike-worthy budget that doesn’t penalize charities?Going […]

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