Obama for Pope

You don’t have to be Catholic to see what’s really going on with the Williamson mess:

Rabbi Yehuda Levin says he sees the media attack on Pope Benedict as being more about the influx of morally conservative Catholics into the mainstream of the Catholic Church, rather than anything else, including the holocaust denial of one of the SSPX bishops, which has received widespread media coverage.

The SSPX faithful, in addition to offering the Mass in its ancient Latin form, are also known for their orthodoxy on moral matters. The mainstreaming of such Catholics into the Church would boost the numbers of pro-life and pro-family Catholics significantly, especially in Europe.

Here’ s one of the guys with a problem:

German dissident priest-theologian Hans Kung is one such left-wing Catholic, who recently suggested in an article that Barack Obama would make a better Pope than Benedict. Writing in the German publication Sueddeutsche, Kung expressed his wish that Obama were the Pope. “The mood in the church is oppressive, reforms are paralyzed, and the church in crisis,” he said. “Benedict is unteachable in matters of birth control and abortion, arrogant and without transparency and restrictive of freedom and human rights.”

OK, Kung wants a non-Catholic (and probable anti-Catholic) as Pope? Yes, I know it was rhetoric and not serious. But none of the statement is serious. The only Person who has a responsibility to teach the Pope is the Holy Spirit, and if the Pope is truly unteachable, he can be removed in a heartbeat, literally. The church is less in crisis than it’s been in 40 years. What’s hilarious about this is that my favorite nutcase preacher Ernie Sanders argues (with better Scriptural basis than most of the nonsense about it on the Net) that Obama may be the Antichrist. I have to wonder how such a Baptist would regard a Catholic (which to them is no better than a pagan) clamoring for the Antichrist as their spiritual leader.


One Response to Obama for Pope

  1. Doulos says:

    Sounds like Kung wants someone who conform the Church to the world, rather than someone who ensure that the Church stays true to itself and its calling, in spite of the changing (degrading?) world.

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