RLC-IL wounded while assaulting Radley Balko with Nerf hatchet

So what’s with the Republican Liberty Caucus of Illinois, anyway? Did the Sleazy Politics virus creep across the aisle from the Blagocrats and bite them? Or is it the Dondero Effect? (No, I don’t think Eric had anything to do with this. But anyone who would look up to Dondero is not the sharpest tool in the chest.) And this is the way these people treat folks who are on their side? Radley took it in good grace, even borrowing from the Loretta Nall playbook (“Toys for Troy Puma”). But really, these folks should just disband now and slink away, because their brand is ruined. Though I do see that the adults have taken over and banished Puma to its room.

Via Beck’s link to the Freepers.

UPDATE: Gene Koprowski is the culprit whose name needs to be immortalized. The RLC has made nice.


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