Yeah, life sucks

2 nights ago, I started coming down with some GI ailment. Last afternoon and evening it got big and bold, with constant malodorous burping and eventually vomit. I woke up better, with only the runs, so I dared to eat a little lunch. Back with the gas! That’s gone now, but I have hideous chills in spite of wearing my coat.  Why don’t I just go home? Stephen’s at the MLA Con; who would keep the library open? However, after my early evening student leaves (if not before) I may well be outta here. Nobody comes here in the evening anyway. And I have commitments the next 4 days, including work on Sat. Boo hoo. 

Oh yeah, and I got a new ‘puter here at work, which means fixing all kinds of settings and bookmarks that didn’t port over.


4 Responses to Yeah, life sucks

  1. kishnevi says:

    Take it from a Crohnie: if you’re still sick by the time you read this (which I’m assuming will be Thurs. AM) get thee to a doctor, and damn the commitments.
    Vomiting is not part of a normal stomach bug, and a normal bug doesn’t usually last more than a day or a day and a half. The last time I had this assortment of symptoms, they threw me in the hospital, decided I had an small intestine swollen to the point of obstruction, and dosed me with antibiotics for a couple of days. (The vomiting was because of the obstruction, btw.) Basic cause was ruled to be an infection at the site of the swelling.
    Don’t be too concerned about the chills; that’s simply your autonomic nervous system reacting to all the turmoil in your digestive tract. You’ll probably find that you also get sudden episodes of sweating/feeling hot. That’s all a side effect of the main problem, so don’t be too bothered by it unless it’s severe enough to make you pass out.
    Hoping you feel better rapidly.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    No sweating.
    I left work at 5:45…I had a student on until 7:15 and had him close up. I coulda shoulda asked him to stay on later, but I didn’t think of it (wasn’t thinking very much at all). By the time I was home I was already feeling better…slept from 8 until 2:30. Woke up thirsty, had a glass of water, tossed for an hour, had more water, some salt, a bit a grapefruit juice, and that got me back to sleep.

    I feel wondrously thin now, a little weak, starting to get some apatite which I’m not going to indulge until noon (Do I dare to eat some yogurt? I have heard the mermaids singing…and nothing rhymes with yogurt!) I had my first solid bowel movement this AM. I think I’ll be fine…but if not, I’ll take your advice.

  3. kishnevi says:

    Ah, yes, the “wonderously thin feeling”.
    The weight problem for Crohnies is putting it on, not keeping it off. I’ve seen it referred to as the “Grim Reaper” diet.
    There’s plenty of stuff that rhymes with yogurt:
    I have heard the mermaids singing,
    Singing until my ears were hurt.
    Singing their rounds and carols pert,
    Singing until all the sea was ringing:
    Come, Quick, eat, eat your yogurt!

    Of course, whether you are enough of a poetaster (like me) who doesn’t mind having such bosh linked to his name is another story.

  4. jeffreyquick says:

    But the accentuation is wrong…
    I ate the yogurt early, and ended the day with not one but two Whopper Jrs (not at the same time; before and after rehearsal) Stools not normal yet, but getting there, and I feel great. Leg cramps (magnesium depletion? Thought I had some, couldn’t find, must rely on the multi I took), but stairs are easier. Weight 204, where I was before the holidays. I suspect that will up some as I regain my natural condition of being full of shit, but I want to keep it down, and going down.

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