“…deserve to get it good and hard.”

If he pursues this course of action — a government-centric recovery plan that in fact does little to spur private sector recovery — he puts his presidency and his vision of a new Democratic “permanent” majority at risk. The public did not vote for a European-style social welfare state. They did not vote for an acceleration of the failed economic policies of the last year of the Bush administration. And they certainly did not expect a trillion dollar spending bill with only double digit unemployment and inflation to show for it.

Well, what did they vote for, Jennifer? Change. The first black President. A rock star. Nobody voted on substantive policy issues. People barely ran on them. The guy who ran a fundamental critique of current policy ended up with, what, a handful of delegates…who then betrayed their candidate in the interests of party unity? Obama isn’t going back across the Rubicon, any more than John, Son of Cain would when he would have done the same things.


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