What do Iran and West Virginia have in common?

They’ve both tried to ban Barbie:

House Bill 2918, introduced Tuesday, would make it unlawful to sell Barbie and similar dolls “that promote or influence girls to place an undue importance on physical beauty to the detriment of their intellectual and emotional development.”

“That’s the image out there that’s the most impressionable on our younger children, especially our little girls — ‘I want to be like Barbie,'” said the bill’s sponsor, Delegate Jeff Eldridge, D-Lincoln. “If we had that other image of Barbie being smart, and beautiful as well, I think that would be a great image to send to our young kids. “

What can you say about a state where even the Democrats are Puritanical morals-pushers? Back when my sister and I played Barbies together, they were always smart, because, duh, who wants to spend their playtime with stupid people?


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