To Catholicism as Fred Phelps is to the Baptists

The Catholic Thing uncovers some Catholics with interesting opinions:

I began thinking about all this, because in my ongoing pilgrimage through cyberspace, I recently came across the website of Most Holy Family Monastery in Fillmore, New York. The “traditionalists” there take the insolitus position that Benedict XVI is a heretic, in part because he knelt and prayed eastward – or, as they assert, towards Mecca—during the papal visit to Turkey at the end of 2006. And they have the photos to prove it! 

More temperate observers will recognize that the Pope was simply “oriented.” The view of the Holy Family website suggests, as Jaroslav Pelikan once remarked, that whereas tradition is “the living faith of the dead,” traditionalism is often “the dead faith of the living.”

Hmm, isn’t the belief that the Pope is a heretic itself a heresy? I didn’t find the heresy above (how much time should I have spent looking?) but there are plenty of others, mostly revolving around ecumenicism and the Jews. To be fair, their issue isn’t with Papa Ratzi; according to this bunch, John XXIII and every pope after him were antipopes. But they’re bashing the guy who has done more than anyone to undo the worst damage of Vatican II; you’d think they’d give props to somebody on their side. But when you’re that far from shore, in such deep water, you have no idea in which direction to row.


3 Responses to To Catholicism as Fred Phelps is to the Baptists

  1. kishnevi says:

    Most Holy Family–
    Does this imply there was a Holy But Not As Holy Family? And if so, who was it? Jacob and his group? Noah and Sons?
    David and his wives?

    Their view of Benedict is consistent, naturally. If you think Vatican II marks Satan’s hostile takeover of the Church structure, than anyone who upholds any part of it, even pro forma, is to be condemned. And Benedict’s legitimacy comes from the fact that he’s the successor of John 23, Paul 6, and the two John Pauls.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    Every family is holy. Just as every sperm is sacred.
    I always enjoyed “joseph, her most chaste spouse”. The teaching that Mary and Joseph never got it on has always struck me as a violation of common sense and Scripture (Jesus had brothers!) and it’s hard to think of being more chaste than that.

  3. kishnevi says:

    They could have been half brothers from a previous marriage of Joseph’s. After all, if he was significantly older like tradition says, it would be highly unlikely that he wouldn’t have been previously married. Or even only a little older, if we imagine the first wife died in childbirth or from some other cause while still in her twenties.

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