I’m full of shit

I had an appointment for my first sigmoidoscopy this morning. After laying there butt-nekkid for an hour waiting for the doctor, I was told for the first time how I was supposed to have purged my system (news to me). Suffice it to say that I was acutely unhappy over the wasted time. It’s been rescheduled for April Fool’s Day, when, now knowing better, I presumably won’t be full of shit.


One Response to I’m full of shit

  1. kishnevi says:

    I almost laughed at that. You didn’t know…?
    Well, I guess there is a first time for everything. I am going in for a colonoscopy in two weeks (25th–isn’t that Lady Day?) This will be either my sixth or seventh. It’s sad when you lose count of how many of these you’ve had, and you’re only at the age when most people are dreading their first one. (And I got my first invite to AARP last week. Must have mailed it on my birthday.)
    Would you believe that CBS is having a contest of some sort, with the award being a colonoscopy in NYC “and you get to prepare in a five star suite at…”–I’ve forgotten the name of the hotel. I’d be more interested in five star doctors myself; there should be a few in NYC. I presume this is some sort of Couric thing.
    More seriously, why only a sigmoidoscopy? If you’re getting it up the you know where, may as well have a complete job. The prep is more complicated, but I find it preferable to drink a gallon of lousy tasting chemical salts to using three enemas. (I had a sig. back in the early days.) Also, sigs. may be done in the MDs office or at the hospital, but colonoscopies are always done at the hospital (outpatient), which means better nursing and danish and coffee when you wake up after it’s over. (Oh, yes, that’s the other benefit of colonoscopy–they knock you; sigmoidoscopy they usually don’t.)

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