“What made Oświęcim famous has made a loser out of me.”

British kids think crematoria have something to do with “cold ones”:

A survey of around 1,000 secondary school pupils aged 11 to 16 found 10% of youngsters were unsure what Auschwitz was. Almost 10% of those polled thought the camp was a country bordering Germany and 2% thought it was a brand of beer. A further 2% wrongly identified Auschwitz as a religious festival, while a worrying 1% thought it was a type of bread. The poll found that six out of 10 youngsters did not know what the Final Solution was, with a fifth believing it was the name given to the peace talks which ended World War II. Despite the Holocaust being specified on the National Curriculum, only 37% of those polled knew that more than six million Jews were killed during Hitler’s dictatorship.

Well, so much for government schools. It also should be noted that the folks in Britain (at least the ones who aren’t Moslems) are the same stock who became our redneck hillbillies… only the hillbillies had the gumption and initiative to leave their country. Now, what I want to know is: what do German kids know about the Holocaust?

And in related matters, Papa Ratzi has written a letter about the lifting of the SSPX excommunications and the Williamson issue, and noted that the Vatican really needs to pay more attention to the Internet.


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