Silver lining in the downturn

I’ve been unkind to urban fast-food restaurants, and with good reason — people there haven’t seemed much interested in getting the job done.

But I had an entirely different experience Friday around 11:30 at the McDonald’s on 23 Mile Road and I 94 (Utica MI). The first think I noticed is that 2 older ladies were taking orders. Then I noticed some grown men in back. There were a couple young women, but they were hustling as much as anyone. I placed my order, and the food was on my tray before I got my change!

On my way out, I made one of the ladies laugh when I said, “McDonalds is so much better when grownups run the place.”

I suspect we’ll be seeing this a lot more as people get desperate for jobs. When “Micky D chump change” looks better to more people, managers will be able to hold out for quality. And those who don’t will soon find themselves not managing.


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