Bart Stupak roasts nuts

Martin Kanan of Solon’s King Nut Co. was a guest of Congress, and got a warm if not fiery reception:

Members of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations noted that Nestle USA refused to buy products from Peanut Corporation of America after Nestle auditors found bugs and rodent droppings at the factories. Other companes that bought PCA’s products, like King Nut, instead relied on positive inspection reports from a firm hired by PCA.

“Nestle didn’t rely solely on an auditor that was selected and paid by PCA, an obvious conflict of interest,” the subcommittee’s chairman, Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak, told Martin Kanan, CEO of Kanan Enterprises, which does business as King Nut. “They conducted their own audit with their own staff. Why didn’t you do the same?”

“We were distributors,” Kanan replied to Stupak. “I know our name was on it, but we bought a closed container. “

Here’s what Kanan should have told Stupak:
“If it’s our job to make sure the product is safe, why are we paying the FDA?”

It is his job, as it was Nestle’s, but Nestle did it and King Nut didn’t. If it’s their job, it’s not the FDA’s. So quit with the food safety kabuki, and next time a middleman passes on tainted peanut butter, sue them to hell.


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