No saviors in Washington

I was listening to some local talk host named Bob Frantz on WTAM last night, and he was holding forth on the Missouri terrorism report. I haven’t been covering this because, well, everyone else in the dextrosphere has, and because it’s ultimately BS. But what caught my attention was this guy saying, “Where are the Republicans on this? They should be hitting it nonstop.”   Why would they do that? Right-wing third parties just steal votes from them. And Ron Paul is a RINO: the only good one. (Don’t tell me what the GOP should be or claims to be; by the standards of Republican policy in practice, Paul is not a Republican; if he were, why would the partyarchy in Texas be trying to remove him from office?). The GOP is ultimately very comfortable with Obama’s power-grabbing, given that he’s mostly using tools forged for him by George Bush. And when the electorate in revulsion kicks out the Democrats in 2010, they will gratefully use every tool that Obama originates.

In a sense, the Missouri report is true: anti-government “men causing disasters” (new PC term for terrorists) are likely to come from outside the Duopoly, because they see that the parties are broken. But it’s mostly false, because they don’t see that the system is broken. They name parties after the “goddam piece of paper” and think it has something to do with liberty. As long as political activists are playing the electoral game, they are no threat. It’s when they change the rules of the game that the rest of us might have a chance of winning.


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