Daniel Hannan for President

Yes, he’s not a native-born American citizen. Is Obama? But I can’t think of a single American politician who is as articulate and has such an understanding of the current problem.

YouTube at the Anchoress; it’s just as awesome as she says, maybe even the best thing to ever have happened in the European Parliament.


3 Responses to Daniel Hannan for President

  1. […] with so much poison and finesse quite like a Brit. You really need to watch this. I grabbed it from Jeffrey, but the clip is all over the dextrosphere. Some of my favorite moments: Perhaps you would have […]

  2. Alan says:

    First the speech, now the tee-shirt!!


    The markets ride again!!

  3. These are some related Videos to your post:
    The speeches that shook the world:

    The First speech:

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