Massachusetts to seniors: don’t show it

Via Volokh, here’s a bill from Massachusetts that would make it illegal to make or distribute sexy nekkid pictures of folks 60 and over…even if they’re of you and going to your spouse! It would be handled exactly like kiddie porn.

I have no idea what these people were thinking, or if they were thinking. Apparently all the irresponsible parties are Democrats, which once upon a time was the party of sexual freedom and anti-discrimination. Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel, who helped draft the bill, probably has issues because, judging by the bulldoggish picture here, nobody is ever going to take her picture in the altogether.  If she really thinks that Golden Agers are one of “our two most vulnerable populations”, I would think that old folks (who do vote) would have an opinion about that.  As commenter A. Zarkov points out

By implication this bill equates people over sixty with children. They must lack something that makes them especially vulnerable to exploitation, and thus need extra protection not needed for people 18-59. Well if people over sixty are so infirm then we should eliminate them from the judiciary and the other branches of government as we do with children.

And if this ever goes before the Supreme Court, I don’t think, given their ages, that it will go over very well.

As for the bill’s author, Kathi-Anne Reinstein (“pure stone” — is she a chunk of marble in bed?), why would she introduce a bill that is unconsitutional on its face? And what’s a fair punishment for that? Her sidekick Fred Berry I would guess to be 59, given that he graduated from college in ’72….which makes this seem a tad hypocritical.

I’m not interested in porn, and neither my wife nor I consider ourselves particularly photogenic while skyclad. But if I own my body, I own its image as well. This seems terribly demeaning to senior citizen sexuality. Personally, I think we should all take nude shots of ourselves and send them to the sponsors of this. They don’t have to include the face necessarily (the perpetrators of this have no heads, so why should we?). But fat and scars are welcome. Maybe somebody clever with Photoshop can paste their legislative headshots onto some hot grannyporn stills. These folks need to be laughed out of office.

UPDATE: And in related stupidity, according to McElroy, some twit in Maryland wants to criminalize international romance.


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