Coon hunting in Detroit

Around 20th Century General Motors, life is getting a bit feral.  I hope that “Glemie Dean Beasley” is a pseudonym, and that he has covered his tracks,  because the Bludge will be after him for making the city look bad…as if that were still possible.

A beaver was spotted recently in the Detroit River. Wild fox skulk the 15th hole at the Palmer Park golf course. There is bald eagle, hawk and falcon that roam the city skies. Wild Turkeys roam the grasses. A coyote was snared two years ago roaming the Federal Court House downtown.

Only ONE coyote?

Hmmm, and I love that writing. Shouldn’t that be “There ARE bald eagle…”?  And while I’m sure that Wild Turkey roams the ghettos, the turkeys in the grasses are uncapitalized.


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