Detroit Susine-Americans say: No pillow fights

Let’s see…with all the crime in Detroit, and an evaporating tax base, the best use for Detroit police officers is: stopping pillow fights.

Detroit — Plans to hold an impromptu pillow fight at Campus Martius Park apparently ruffled the feathers of police and they confiscated pillows from people who trickled into the park Saturday for the frivolity.
The pillow fight, which was to be one of at least 50 across the world Saturday organized by people on social networking Web sites, was shut down by Detroit police officers who were stationed at the park.
“I am furious,” 23-year-old Elida Quesada of Ferndale said as she fumed while watching officers take pillows as soon as people showed up with them. “It (a pillow fight) is so silly and childlike. It would have been fun. It seems like everything that is fun is illegal.”

Officers in blue jumpsuits were polite to the people who were stopped, but firm about seizing the pillows. One officer told a would-be pillow fighter that 5,000 pillows had been seized by the planned 4 p.m. start of the event.
Detroit Police spokesman James Tate would not say how police learned about the event in advance. He said there were numerous Internet postings. He said the event posed a clean up issue because typically there are large amounts of feathers and other pillow fillings left behind. There also were concerns of people getting hit who did not wish to participate, he said.

Cleanup is a legitimate issue, though feathers are biodegradeable and part of the park normally anyway. And if it’s “the people’s” park, don’t they have a right to mess it up? I suppose it’s a good thing they didn’t start hitting the officers with their pillows, or we’d be discussing the death toll this morning.


One Response to Detroit Susine-Americans say: No pillow fights

  1. oberonthefool says:

    A woman at the NYC pillow fight may have taken a swing at a cop- she was certainly taken down as if she’d assaulted an officer. Our event in Chicago resulted in five arrests. Maybe the cops should be issued pillows instead of batons, since clearly they are too dangerous for citizens to carry.

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