Levi shows ass

To paraphrase Michael Feldman, if Levi Johnston had kept his johnson in his Levis, nobody would be commenting on his trashiness. But when you go on TV to dish the woman you should have married, you’re trashy. Sorry

But Sarah Palin “wasn’t as excited as my parents were. She — they weren’t mad, I don’t think, (they) didn’t give me that impression, but they definitely weren’t excited at the same time.” 

Well, duh, you knocked up their allegedly-virgin daughter. Given that no shotguns came out of the closet, the Palins were the model of restraint. And if your parents were “excited” (in the good way, as opposed to “furious”) about what you did, they’re trash too.

His family says they hope the custory dispute over Tripp doesn’t land in court — because it’s likely almost any judge in Alaska would side with the Palins.

They usually do side with the woman…and that has nothing to do with politics.

There’d be no custody dispute if you’d married the girl. But fortunately for Bristol, you didn’t.


One Response to Levi shows ass

  1. kishnevi says:

    He wasn’t trashing Bristol, really, so much as he was trashing Sarah. And, if his claims about not being allowed to be alone with Tripp are true, he’s got good reason to be trashing Sarah.

    BTW, it’s not really true anymore that the judges tend to side with the women. Nowadays they start off with the assumption that there should be joint custody and ample visitation by the parent who isn’t the one the child lives with, and go from there. And whenever they can, they have the parties go through mediation to work out the details between themselves.

    At least, that’s the way it is down here.

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