Looking for a Paul in all the wrong places

Boortz agrees with The Little Frummer Boy on certain unpleasant truths about how demographics favor the Democrats. OK. But then he has to end this way:

We aren’t going to save American by sitting around and chanting “Reagan, Reagan, Reagan” all day long. The young voters out there that we need to rely on couldn’t write one cohesive paragraph about Ronald Reagan, and they’re not going to sit down and do the research. Someone needs to step forward with the eloquence and charisma needed to convince our young people that true fulfillment will come from personal achievement realized through interaction with others in a free society, not from government dependence and eventual enslavement. If you see someone out there who can deliver that message … let me know. I’ve been looking for him (or her).

Somebody out there was, and is, delivering the message to young people. And what did Neal Boortz think about it?


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