“The Palins used Levi”

I’m seeing the meme a lot from lefty commenters about the Levi Johnston media tour.  Let’s review what actually happened: Sarah begins the race of her political life, and suddenly Bristol is knocked up. So, how do we deal with this with Christian principles and political savvy?  We say, “They made a mistake, but they’re getting married.”  That might indeed have been a sincere intent. The couple gets trundled before the camera, proving that they’re a real couple and that Sarah isn’t afraid of this skeleton in her closet (mostly because it isn’t a skeleton, and isn’t hers).  It wasn’t a matter of “using”; it was a matter of Sarah squeezing the lemonade out of the lemon she was given by Levi and Bristol.  It was damage control, that wouldn’t have happened had damage not been done. And personally, judging by what’s happening now, I think that Levi wasn’t coerced to go on TV; I think he sucked up the attention like any kid his age.

The boy is a cad. He might grow up to be something; he’s not an idiot. But he threw himself into a situation he wasn’t ready for. He might have though it was cool to be diddling the daughter of the Governor of Alaska, without thinking through how that made him a public issue. I’m sure the campaign was hard on the couple. But I still say that if Todd didn’t bring out the shotgun, he has no reason to complain. And Springerizing himself and his baby mommy is not the way to make himself look like anything but rubbish; indeed, it’s compounding his original mistake.


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