So where have I been?

It was Holy Week, guys. Services Weds-Sunday. Plus house stuff, Composers Guild things coming up, etc. At least I have the next 2 Sundays off from church (have to repair the budget some way.)

And I got a new toy. The  Yamaha SY77 has two sticking keys (Bb and C# either side of middle C) , which has been annoying for input work. I’ll find a place to fix it someday. But as soon as I found out about the Roland organs, I wanted one.  It’s a dandy little instrument. I’d sooner have a nice buzzy regal instead of the Trumpet 8′, but I understand why they did that. I need to find a music rack (or park a stand in back of it), and I want to find some nice old organ pieces for manual alone. (Note: The nifty stand in the picture is extra and not on my used one; I have an X-stand.) The C-190 would be even better, but one seldom finds one for sale, let alone at a Depression-friendly price.

Meanwhile, sadly, icons of my youth are fading. Marilyn Chambers is dead.  So is Mark “the bird” Fidrych, under a dump truck he was working on. Phil Specter is convicted. Sic transit gloria mundi.


2 Responses to So where have I been?

  1. kishnevi says:

    Fidrych is dead. I feel old.

    Have you looked through here?

    It’s a long enough list; there ought to be somethings that might work for you.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    Not yet. I was out there last week for French 19th c solo motets. I’ll hit the organ music here before I go out there.

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