He calls himself a libertarian

New Jersey is going to crack down on teenage drivers. New laws going into effect would require new drivers ages 21 and younger to display decals on their cars. The decals will more than likely be a small reflective triangle on the front and rear license plates to indicate that you are dealing with a young, inexperienced driver.

The decals will be used to determine if teens are violating state driving curfews and passenger restrictions. Those laws have also changed in New Jersey. While the driving curfew for teenagers was changed from 11pm to midnight, only one other teenager will be allowed in the car at one time. Also, all cell phones, even hand-free cellphones, will be banned.

Good work.

Yep, Neal, we can’t trust 20 year olds with other people in their cars…so I guess we can’t trust them with each others’ lives on the battlefield. If we’re going to treat young adults like babies, we should be consistent about it.

The real hoot is that this was signed by Jon Corzine.


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