Kill Jimmy!

General Motors Corp. is under pressure from the government to consider shedding its GMC brand as the company races to transform itself by June 1, people familiar with the discussion said.

The brand, comprising mostly pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles, was slated to remain a part of GM even if the company restructures. However, the federal government is not convinced that GMC has a viable future with the struggling auto maker, according to people familiar with the talks.

No, Im not subscribed, so I can’t give you the details. But why does this sound to me like “kill the eevul SUVs?”  There are a few of us with a legitimate need for a pickup truck (though of course that’s what the Ford F-series is for). But this is just the mechanical phase of the Liquidation of the Kulaks.


2 Responses to Kill Jimmy!

  1. kishnevi says:

    The article makes it sound like it’s simply consolidation/rationalization: instead of slapping two names on the same product, just sell everything as Chevrolet.

    Or maybe they figure the GMC truck buying demographic isn’t going to vote for Obama anyway…

  2. James Quick says:

    I’m all for getting rid of Jimmy. Not a nickles worth of difference between the two brands of pick ups anyway. They should have kept the Oldsmobile. All GM cars used to compete untill Roger Smith decided making them all alike would save GM money.


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