The New Professionalism in Parma and Chardon

Balko hasn’t yet picked up this tale of a Susine-American from Parma who pulled over a kid in a different county (presumably while off duty) and punched him in the face because he didn’t like the way he was driving.  Chardon Municipal Court fined him $150 for disorderly conduct, not assault. I suggest that Judge Mark Hassett blacken a cop’s eye and see what he gets charged with…just to deepen his understanding of the law.

It’s rather rich for the susine to be complaining about somebody else’s “erratic driving”:

Cornachio has a history of problems while in the driver’s seat. The Plain Dealer reported in 2002 that he had been involved in 11 crashes — and found to be at fault in eight — since joining Parma police. Twice, a police review board recommended he take defensive-driving courses.


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